New Year

I think I’m depressed again. Not the lost deep, dark suicidal type, but the type that leaves you feeling heavy, pathetic, and worthless. I’d lie in bed all day if I could and stare at the ceiling… or crawl under the blanket and hide, sleep away life till things felt sane again. How I’m still employed is astonishing.

Not the greatest start to a new year…

In other news, K & I looked at another complex this weekend and I think this is the one. Though we love the offerings of complex #1, it’s much further away than anticipated and there’s not much to do. Going out would mean driving at least 15, 20 minutes before we got close to our destination. Complex #2 is about 8 minutes north of where we currently live and it offers similar amenities, not to mention it’s more affordable than the other place.

So I think this is the one. Not really looking forward to moving, but happy to be ascending in the world, or so it seems.